Our fleet

Licence training

Terry Harrold School of Aviation uses two Cessna 172 for licence training. It is the most produced plane in history with more than 44 000 been made. Mostly used as a school aircraft and private using, the 172 is a reliable and well know aircraft.

The 172 have a 110 knots cruise speed, 5 hours of endurance and with a total of 550 nautical miles range.
With the long distance between the community in the north, they represent the right choice for their comfort and ability to achieve more extended flight than other training aircraft.


C-FHUR is a C-172N with standard equipment, and it will be used for basic training and short local flight.

C-GJRO is a C-172M with some modification. He got a 180 HP engine, long range tank, an IFR Garmin 430 GPS and a G5 D.G. and artificial horizon. With these modifications, JRO is well equipped for the long-range flight with is 6 hours autonomy and all the equipment required for instrument flight. It will also be used for basic instrument rating training.


Float and ski training

The float and ski training are given on the Cessna 206. This plane is well-know in back-country flight and the parachute operation. The 206 is a good work-horse with great weight loading ability. During the summer, C-FTPU is on an amphibious float, and in snow season it’s transformed in a wheel/ski kit.

As the 206 have a tricycle gear, the transition from the C-172 of the school is easier than some other wells knows bush plane who are taildragger.