flying with us

Why should you fly with us?

Our planes and instructors are available to train you up to two flight per day!

– We are a small school in a remote location so we’re not as busy as the big southern schools, this means you can complete your training in a shorter time. You’ll be starting your dream aviation career before you know it.

We can practice landing on all types of runway. Asphalt, gravel and dirt!

– Most of the airports in the surrounding area are gravel, turf or dirt. Our own airport has a 1,700′ gravel strip that we use for soft take-off and landing techniques. Most students only ever get to practice on an asphalt runway but our students know the feeling and the sound of a true soft landing!

Flights are taken from a small airport, which means a shorter delay during the training flights.

– We are the major operator at the airport, therefore we don’t have to queue before take-off as they have at most bigger airports. Our students can take their time and are not pushed by air traffic control or other aircraft.
– The training zone is only 7 NM from the airport which is roughly the distance it takes to climb to our exercise altitude so you spend more time learning and less time getting there.

You will experience true northern operations!

-The north offers a different experience. Flying in our remote location brings some challenges: fewer weather stations, an northern airports are farther one from one another. Our experienced instructors will ensure you learn to have a better read on the weather and learn to always have a plan B.
– The South Slave region is beautiful and varied. Within 20 minutes of flight, you can pass from Wood Buffalo National Park to the Canadian shield or to the Athabaskan delta which is a Unesco wildlife sector.


Enjoy nature and wildlife!

-We have the biggest Canadian national park, Wood Buffalo National Park, just beside us with the salt plains, over 5,000 wood bison, whooping cranes and much more!
-Fort Smith is on the slave river where you can white water kayak, canoe, fish or just go swim during the hot summer days.


Contact us now to start your training!
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