The list of the prices are subject to change at any time and are only estimation based on the average flight time required to achieve the licence.
C-172: 216$ per hour
C-185 on the amphibian float: 475$ per hour
Instructor in flight: 80$ per hour
Instructor on the ground: 55$ per hour
Prices do not include taxes.

Private Pilots Licence

Registration fees + books + Ground school $1,000
35 hours dual on C-172 $10,360
20 hours solo on C-172 $4,320
10 hours briefing / de-briefing $550
TC written exam $270
Flight Test $450
Licence submission $130
Language proficiency test (for international student only) $170
Other fees $170
Total for Private Pilots Licence $17,070

Night Rating

12 hours dual on C-172 $3,552
5 hours solo on C-172 $1080
2 hours briefing $110
Rating submission $85
Total for Night Rating $4,827

Float Rating

6 hours dual on C-185 Amphib $3,330
1 hour solo on C-185 Amphib $475
Rating submission $85
Total for Float Rating $4,000

7 hours is the minimum required by Transport Canada but we strongly recommended to do at least 10 hours

Group 3 (single engine) Instrument Rating

30 hours dual on C-172 $8,880
5 hours briefing $275
TC written exam $200
Flight Test $400
Licence submission $85
Total for Group 3 Instrument Rating $9,840

Commercial Pilot Licence

Private pilot licence $17,070
Night Rating $4,827
*Multi-engine $4,795
*Instrument rating $12,290
5 hours dual on C-172 $1,480
75 hours solo on C-172 $16,200
Ground School $600
TC written exam $270
Flight Test $450
Licence submission $165
Total for Commercial Pilot Licence $58,422

*Multi-engine and instrument rating are not mandatory for a CPL license, if you don’t plan to do them, the price is subject to change

Instructor Rating

30 hours dual on C-172 $8,880
40 hours of ground training $2,800
TC written exam $150
Flight Test $400
Total for Instructor Rating $12,180

Aviation Business Program

Depending on the path you are choosing, the cost will defer

Commercial license with Multi-IFR                                           $67,440.00
Commercial license with ski and float rating
Commercial license with multi-IFR and bush training

Contact us for the details of each path.

See the fees for the Aurora college here


Admission fees $350
PPL ground school $470
Student pilot permit $55
Radio License $55
PPL license emission $130
CPL license emission $165
Night rating emission $85
Written examination $270
Language proficiency test (international student) $170