Private licence


The Private Pilots Licence (PPL) is many peoples first step into the world of aviation. You will be introduced to a range of aircraft maneuvers during flight training as well as undertaking a comprehensive, classroom-based ground school. It enables the holder to operate a light, single engine aircraft during daylight hours in good (VFR) weather conditions. This licence allows you to fly for enjoyment but not for financial reward.


Transport Canada requires that you must:

  • be a minimum 14 years old to obtain Student Pilot Permit
  • be a minimum 17 years old to obtain Private Pilots Licence
  • have a working knowledge of the English Language
  • have a Class 1 or 3 medical obtained from a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner


Course Requirements

Flight training for the Private Pilots Licence will consist of a minimum of 45 hours of flight training including:

  • 17 hours dual, including 5 hours Instrument Training, 3 hours Cross-country,
  • 12 hours solo, including 5 hours Cross-country (min 150NM from home base with 2 stops away).

Please keep in mind that the flight training times listed are minimums. Very few candidates are able to meet flight test standards after 45 hours of flight. Budget for 55 hours as a more realistic number.

The Ground School course is a minimum of 40 hours and is held twice a week in the evening. It will include instruction on Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation and Aeronautical knowledge.

Other requirements include:

  • A Pre Solo written test – PSTAR (administered on site)
  • A Restricted Radio Operators Certificate (administered on site)
  • An Aviation Language Proficiency Test (administered on site)
  • A minimum of 40 hours ground school including instruction on (Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation and Aeronautical General Knowledge)
  • A Transport Canada Written Test with a 60% pass mark (taken at a Transport Canada Test Facility)
  • A Transport Canada Flight Test


Length of Course

The course can be completed in as few as 3 months or as long as you need. The more frequently you can fly the faster you will progress.